LT Jones Pistol Award 2

RLSO SE JAG Receives Top Award at Marksmanship Competition

July 10th, 2023

Lt. Phil Jones, staff judge advocate for Naval Air Station Jacksonville hit the mark at the 2023 Atlantic Fleet All Navy Rifle and Pistol Championships where he earned a bronze Fleet Rifleman badge and SECNAV Trophy Rifle award by finishing in the top 10% at the Atlantic Fleet rifle match. Additionally, he won the title of “Top New Shooter” for both rifle and pistol.

Although his primary weapon is the UCMJ, Jones demonstrated his proficiency in firearms after showcasing his shooting skills with both service weapons from various distances and positions. Jones traveled from his duty station on board Naval Air Station Jacksonville to Quantico, Va., for this nine-day tournament hosted by the U.S. Navy Marksmanship Team. Competitors from diverse Navy communities arrived at the competition armed with the desire to prove themselves as top Navy shooters.

Firing Line 2

Still, Jones highlighted that “in spite of it being a competitive environment, everyone there was so willing to help, to lend gear, and to share some wisdom.”

In speaking about his experience, Jones said he enjoyed spending time with the Sailors in attendance, including officers and enlisted from many backgrounds.

“I learned that small arms skills may not be as widely taught in the Navy as they used to be, but with the proper instruction, anyone can apply the fundamentals and make some serious improvement.”

Due to his outstanding performance, Jones has been selected as 1 of 25 members to represent the U.S. Navy at interservice and national marksmanship competitions on the 2023 Navy Rifle Team. Congratulations to Lt. Phil Jones on his success, and good luck in upcoming competitions!