The distinctive JAG Corps insignia incorporates the millrind. In ancient France, the fer de moline, or millrind, was a symbol of equal justice for all under the law. The two counterbalancing oak leaves are identical and connote the scales upon which justice is weighed. Oak leaves denote a corps and symbolize strength, particularly the strength of the oak-timbered hulls of the early American Navy ships. In the milling of grains, the millrind was used to keep the stone-grinding wheels an equal distance apart to provide consistency in the milling process. Thus, it symbolizes the wheels of justice that must grind exceedingly fine and exceptionally even. In the 16th century, the millrind was adopted in England as a symbol for lawyers and later brought to America.


The Legalman insignia incorporates the millrind and quill pen. The quill pen annotates the administrative nature and responsibilities that paralegals have for their attorneys.