Freedom of Information Act Request - Military Justice

The Military Justice Administration Division (Code 40) is the primary release authority for all Navy and Marine Corps special and general court-martial records of trial, the FOIA / Privacy Act Branch, reviews and responds to correspondence and inquiries concerning military law and procedure, specifically relating to individual court-martial cases. To submit a request under the Freedom of Information Act, please fill in the form below:

Freedom of Information Act Request - Military Justice

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ENTER REQUEST BELOW: Include the name of the accused (first/last name), the branch of service, the type and year of the Court-Martial, and Discharge Type (BCD, DD, OTH, General, or Honorable). Please be aware we are unable to search for records using victims’ names, attorney names, or witnesses’ names.

Please note, if a veteran has received an Other Than Honorable (OTH) or General characterization of discharge, our office does not maintain these records. These types of discharges stem from administrative separation proceedings. Administrative hearing records are not court proceeding records and are not maintained by this office.

Additionally, this office is not the release authority for non-judicial punishment (NJP/Article 15) records. These are considered administrative procedures and are not maintained by this office. A notification of NJP may be documented in their service record or if it’s more recent you may need to provide a FOIA request to the command that held the NJP. At the conclusion of the proceeding, these records are maintained at the command for two years.

Our office recommends contacting the National Personnel Records Center/ National Archives for all administrative personnel records. FOIA requests can be submitted at the following website:

If you are looking for an investigation that may have been conducted by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), please send them a separate request at or by phone at (571) 305-9092.