Disability Evaluation System Counsel Program

Injured servicemembers who need time to recover can be placed in a "limited duty" status by their medical provider. If the condition does not improve after twelve months, the provider must place a referral to a medical evaluation board.

Servicemembers have the right to consult with an attorney. Our disability attorneys can assist servicemembers throughout the integrated disability evaluation system (IDES)/medical evaluation board (MEB) process. Specifically, we can provide the following services:

  • IDES/MEB process explanation
  • Case assessment and document review
  • Requests for medical treatment/documentation
  • Non-Medical Assessment (NMA) review
  • Assistance with rebuttal statements, personal statements, and requests for clarification
  • Impartial Medical Review (IMR) requests
  • VA reconsideration petitions
  • Formal Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) hearing preparation and coordination with detailed Formal PEB attorney
  • Coordination with other agencies/organizations to secure benefits
  • Outreach to area personnel and commands regarding IDES/MEB matters

Servicemembers should consult with a disability attorney before making any decision or signing any document.


Temporary Disability Retired List (TDRL) call 202-685-8591or email TDRLUNIT@us.navy.mil. Those scheduled for a formal board in Washington D.C., call 202-685-7180.

All others should contact their closest disability attorney using the contacts below.

Navy and Marine Corps Reserves Disability Attorney Assistance

An appointment can be made by calling Mrs. Annessa Clark at (202) 815-1508 for a consultation.

Members of the Torres Class Action

Overview: Torres Class Members are composed of United States Navy and Marine Corps veterans who were medically separated as a result of their final Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) (Informal PEB (IPEB) or Formal PEB (FPEB)) that occurred between 12 September 2016 and 11 June 2018. Torres Class Members have the opportunity to have their PEB findings readjudicated through the Department of the Navy’s Torres Class Action Review Board (CARB), which could result in a medical retirement.

If you are, or believe yourself to be, a member of the Torres Class Action, please contact the Disability Evaluation System Counsel Program (DESCP) Torres Unit at (202) 875-1198 or DESCP_TorresUnit@us.navy.mil for a consultation. As a class member, you are entitled to free and confidential legal representation from an attorney in the DESCP Torres Unit regarding the CARB process.



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