DIY Special Power of Attorney

The forms on this web page are not a substitute for legal advice. A power of attorney is a legal document. A power of attorney allows someone else to act on your behalf or exercise your rights. These forms are the same special powers of attorney that you would normally obtain from the Region Legal Service Office (RLSO) or your command legal officer.

You should still seek the advice of a legal assistance attorney if you have a complex issue. Examples of complex legal issues include buying or selling real estate, sharing banking privileges, or making long-term arrangements for childcare. If you have any of these issues, or if you simply want advice before executing this important document, free legal services are available at the RLSO. There are many issues that arise when granting someone else these powers, and it is important to understand how they will affect you and your situation. They may affect you in ways that you do not intend. In order to understand how a power of attorney will affect you, please contact a legal assistance attorney.

If you choose to prepare one of these powers of attorney for your personal use, you must still sign it in person in front of your legal officer or a legal assistance notary at a RLSO. You can also take it to a public, state-licensed notary who can notarize it under state law. Public notaries are typically available at banks and private attorneys' offices.

Also, it is important to remember that no one is required to accept a power of attorney. Many banks, businesses, and organizations have their own specific forms that must be used, and many have chosen not to accept powers of attorney at all. If possible, you should contact the organization where you are hoping to use the power of attorney, in order to ensure that you are following their requirements. Being as specific as possible in the authority you are giving to your agent can help to reduce the risk that your power of attorney will be rejected.

If you have difficulty understanding any of the questions or would like to discuss your power of attorney needs with an attorney or a paralegal, please use our Legal Assistance Locator to find your nearest legal assistance shop where you can make an appointment to see an attorney or walk-in to have the staff prepare the power of attorney for you.

Remember, the power of attorney will not be honored unless it is signed by you, in person, in front of the notary.


  1. "Grantor" is the person who grants authority to the "Grantee".
  2. "Grantee" is the person who receives authority from the "Grantor".

Special Power of Attorney Forms

  • SPOA-Banking allows the grantee to handle basic financial matters on your behalf.
  • SPOA-Family Care Plan/In-Loco Parentis allows the grantee to care for your child(ren), including travel.
  • SPOA-Financial Matters Generally is more general than "SPOA-Banking", and automatically allows a wider range of powers to the grantee.
  • SPOA-Household Goods covers shipment of household goods, including damages if incurred.
  • SPOA-Insurance allows the grantee to insure property on your behalf.
  • SPOA-Mail allows the grantee to receive and pick up mail on your behalf.
  • SPOA-Military Housing allows the grantee to accept and/or sign for termination of military quarters on your behalf.
  • SPOA-Personal Property allows the grantee to perform a range of property actions on your behalf. This includes buying/selling/registering/using a car, receiving mail, and using/maintaining/buying/selling, and claiming damages against personal property.)
  • SPOA-PetCare allows the grantee to take care of your pets, including which veterinarian hospitals to use.
  • SPOA-Personnel Support Detachment allows the grantee to represent a wide range of your interests, from DEERS/TRICARE enrollment, to obtaining copies of SGLI paperwork and Page 2 information.
  • SPOA-Real Estate allows the grantee to represent your real estate interests, ranging from purchasing, selling, maintenance and refinancing. You can also draft a real estate revocation to withdraw these powers.
  • Letter Of Revocation is used to revoke any Power of Attorney.



  • SPOA-Vehicle Registration (Japan) is specific to servicemembers and their families residing in Japan. Allows the grantee to affect movement, storage, shipment, and disposal of your vehicle.)*Note: For SASEBO based service members, please utilize the above "SPOA-Personal Property". Sasebo VRO will not accept this SPOA.

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