National Security Litigation


The National Security Litigation Division (Code 30) is the Judge Advocate General's central point of contact for national security law and classified information litigation issues. Code 30's primary mission is to provide litigation support to Navy and Marine Corps personnel conducting courts-martial that involve classified information. Code 30 has also provided such support to Army and Air Force personnel. Code 30 seeks to support a full and fair court-martial process, without compromising the security of the nation. Code 30 coordinates with Technology, Operations & Plans (Code 67) regarding OJAG and NLSC personnel and information security issues.


  • Provides training and litigation support to staff judge advocates, trial and defense counsel, military judges, Article 32 investigating officers, and investigation/court security officers on all Navy and Marine Corps matters pertaining to the processing and litigation (through appeal) of all cases involving classified information, including those cases designated as national security cases pursuant to JAGMAN 0126.
  • Assists with classification reviews in litigation involving classified information;
  • Processes and coordinates Head-of-Agency privilege assertions under Military Rule of Evidence (MRE) 505 and assertions of the state secrets privilege.
  • Provides similar advice, training, and support to other armed services upon request.
  • Serves as the JAG and CNLSC central point of contact for the DOJ and components of the Intelligence Community on litigation involving classified information.
  • Maintains a library of exemplars and resources for litigation and related matters involving classified information, and maintains guides on litigation involving classified information.
  • Prepares synopses and case studies on issues arising in the course of litigation involving classified information.