Governing Principles

Through these principles, the Navy JAG Corps supports CNO's Mission One: The operational readiness of today's Navy...and a Navy ready for tomorrow.

Embody a Warfighting Spirit

We support the Fleet and enable the fight. We understand the Navy's mission and our role in achieving its objectives in everything we do. We are proud to serve as Navy Sailors and legal professionals.

Lead with Character & Integrity

We develop and empower leaders who demonstrate Navy Core Values. Our advice and advocacy emphasizes fundamental fairness and respect for the rule of law.

Stand for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

We are committed to being a diverse equitable, and inclusive JAG Corps that actively recognizes, respects, and values everyone's talents, experiences, and skills.

Embrace Accountability

We require critical and transparent self-assessment through introspection and analysis. Our actions are consistent with our fundamental values and foster trust in our community, across the Fleet, and with the American people.

Promote a Culture of Learning

We continuously learn, assess, and share knowledge - to deepen our expertise and provide the highest quality legal services.

Encourage Innovation

We are agile in today's complex and dynamic operating environment - rapidly leveraging ideas that deliver sustainable improvements across the enterprise.